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Ovivo Olive Leaf Infusion 7 Day Drink - 500ml

  • Ovivo Olive Leaf Infusion 7 Day Drink is a powerful antioxidant, which means that, when taken daily, it is energizing, revitalising and will boost your immune system
  • It’s good for the entire family; everyone gets a daily boost of pure goodness to help keep their systems on track


Product Description

  • The drink contains 93% OLIVUM®, a balanced olive leaf and calendula flower infusion produced in the Umbrian hills of Italy
  • It’s also rich in polyphenols (very good stuff)
  • The way the product is created means that as much of the original, raw goodness as possible remains in the drink
  • No need for multiple daily doses, meaning easy to take - 1 single shot a day (70ml for adults; 35ml for a Child =3yrs), which can be taken on own, or with suitable (cold or hot) mixers such as juices or smoothies, and even as a tea


What's in it? Lots of natural goodness... 1. Water extract from an infusion of Olea Europaea leaves More than three quarters of the drink is this: basically the water left from making a cup of tea with olive leaves. 2. Calendula officinalis flowers Calendula calms the stomach, aiding digestion. 3. Fructose (sugar from fruit) Some other olive tree products contain honey and sugars, but our ‘tea making’ process naturally produces a better taste – no refined sugars or sweeteners. 4. Citric acid (lemon juice), Plant based Glycerine, Potassium Sorbate Sweeteners and preservatives – natural only. For the chemists among you, one 70ml dose contains, on average: Oleuropein (154mg) Hydroxytyrosol (10.57mg) Tyrosol (8.89mg) Elenolic Acid (85.05mg) Rutin (12.88mg) And that’s it. It’s 100% natural. If you want to know more about these natural compounds, click through the above links. These compounds do not only work individually, but are designed to have a powerful combined effect, making the drink even more potent as a whole.

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