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P.I. Board Game


Product Description

  • is a pure deduction game, with players competing in three consecutive mini-games in order to see who's got the best chops in terms of solving their cases.

    Each mini-game plays out the same way
  • The game board shows fourteen locations arranged so that each location touches a few others; each location has space for a suspect and crime tile
  • Additionally, he places a cube on this space for each suspect, crime or location that's adjacent to this space.

    When you choose an evidence card, the player to your right places a disc on the matching tile if the card matches one of the case cards he holds, places a cube on the matching tile if this tile is adjacent to a tile matching one of the case cards he holds, or places nothing if you've made a wild-eyed guess and the tile isn't adjacent to anything.

    To attempt to solve the case, you place a black token on your guesses
  • Each suspect, crime and location is included in a deck of evidence cards, and nine evidence cards are revealed.

    On a turn, a player either places an investigator, chooses an evidence card, or attempts to solve her case
  • P.I
  • If right, you receive 7, 5, 3 or 1 points depending on how many others have solved their cases in earlier rounds.

    The mini-game ends once everyone has solved their case or only one case remains unsolved
  • Each player has only five investigators total, so use them wisely!

    Whoever has the most points after three mini-cases wins."
  • To start, you receive in secret one suspect card (out of 12), one crime card (out of 10), and one location card (out of 14); this set of information represents the case that the player to your left must solve
  • When you place an investigator in a location, the player to your right looks at his case cards, then places a disc on this space for each case card he holds that matches the suspect, crime or location in this space
  • If wrong, you're penalized two points and continue play next turn
  • Shuffle the suspect tiles (12, plus two no suspect") and the crime tiles (10, plus four "no crime"), then place one face up in each location
  • All used investigators are removed from play, then the board and cards are reset for the next mini-case

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