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Pacific At War Board Game


Product Description

  • Players must fight battles successfully to win territories and therefore increase their income
  • He must decide how much military equipment he wants to commit and for how long before the United States and Britain are brought into the war.

    The Chinese player must attempt to inflict as many Japanese casualties as possible and hold out until the Allies enter the war.

    The U.S
  • and Britain will enter the war simultaneously
  • A player must use clever strategy and planning and purchase units wisely in order to make the most of his resources.

    The Japanese player starts the game at war with China
  • “Pacific at War” is a multi-player military strategy game taking place in the Pacific theatre of operations during World War II
  • The more income a player has, the more buying power he has to purchase the combat units necessary to win battles and gain territories.

    In order to achieve their goals, the players have at their disposal playing pieces representing infantry, armor, artillery, fighters, bombers and various types of naval vessels
  • Until then, they can only prepare the best they can for the inevitable Japanese attack...

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