Pain d'Epices With Honey, Sliced, 380g

  • Pain d'epices is a honey cake, thought of by some as the French equivalent to the ginger loaf. The honey and spices give the cake a beautifully rich, almost malty flavour and the texture has a lovely chewy bite. It is great served with a cup of tea in the afternoon or you could follow in the footsteps of the pain d'epices' post-war champions who served it with meat, foie gras, cheese and desserts.A traditional sourdough cake with a long history century, French pain d'epices was originally a speciality of Reims and was made from rye flour, honey and spices and left in a wooden trough for several months to ferment. These days it is a speciality of the region of Dijon and is usually risen with baking powder rather than a lengthy fermentation.

Product Description

Origin: FrancePain d'epices is thought to have origins in China where honey bread was being eat in the 10th century. It is cited as one of the food rations of Genghis Khan's horsemen in the 13th century and is first mentioned in relation to Dijon in 1711.

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