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PainSolv® Standard Inspection & Repair Service Options

  • Sometimes, accidents happen! If you do happen to damage your PainSolv® MkV (or even MkIV) products, then all is not lost
  • We provide a standard inspection and repair fee for a nominal sum that will quickly get your product back into action
  • Included in the repair cost is a complete overhaul and service of your product, plus postage, packing and VAT


Product Description

If your PainSolv® product appears to have a fault, or alternatively you have used either the wrong charger adaptor or have damaged the unit in any other way, then we will be pleased to take a look at it and sort things out for you as quickly as possible.

Simply post your device to:
PainSolv Customer Services
1-3 Spencer Street
United Kingdom
NN14 4BX

If our inspection reveals a product fault during the Manufacturer's Warranty period of 12-months (18 months if you have returned your Special Offer for 6-months free extra warranty), then the repair will be free. If any faults are found in the manufacture then product would be replaced. We have less than 0.71% of product falling into this category

Other Info

If however, your product has a fault caused by accident or misuse, then we provide this standard inspection and repair service at a nominal fee, for which we will carry out the same checks as we do on pre-delivery inspections as a minimum, to test all aspects of the device:
- The internal battery will be checked for residual charge and efficiency
- The re-charge function of the unit will be tested via the mains
- The PCB will be bench-tested for operational reliability
- The efficiency and output of the pulsed biofeedback unit will be checked
- The PCB board will be Pico-tested for PEMF wave output
- The charging unit will be tested for output and efficiency
- The activation process will be run through several times to ensure all LEDs are working
- Products tested will be fully disinfected and cleaned to restore them to original condition

All the above will be done in conjunction with CE 591626 (under Notified Body 0086) and Production Quality Assurance Directive MDD 93/42/EEC, Annex V, Section 3.2. All this is done to comply with Quality Management System BS EN ISO 13485:2003 under our Certificate Number FM 591660.

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