CEDH10088 Panda

Panda All Natural Bars - 4 x 32g

  • The product is manufactured from natural ingredients, without preservatives and usingtime-honoured manufacturing methods.
  • The strong-flavoured, high-quality Panda All Naturall Licorice is the "Rolls Royce" of licorices


Product Description

  • Panda´s success around the world
    is based on the freshness and unique consistency of the product.

    The unique Real taste of Licorice Premium quality, soft licorice All Natural ingredients.
    No added colours
    No added salt
    No artificial flavours
    99 % fat free
    No preservatives
    Kosher certified
    Suitable for vegan and vegetarian consumption.
  • It forms a natural alternative for those with a passion
    for licorice and has been the most successful all natural licorice in the world since 1977, as the market leader in its sector of the Health Food Industries in Great Britain and the
    United States.

    Panda - A fresh success!
    Panda Licorice comes in a package that has been developed specifically to keep
    the product soft, fresh and delicious tasting


Oy Panda Ab is a confectionery factory, established in 1920. Our most important brands in Finland are Panda licorice, Panda Pepe, Juhlapöydän konvehdit (Assorted Chocolates) and Ahaa. Internationally, our best-known brand is Panda licorice.
Our key market areas are Finland, the other Nordic countries, the USA, Great Britain,
Germany, Poland and Spain.

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Oy Panda Ab

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Cedar Health Ltd









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