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Panda Licorice Bag Raspberry - 200g

  • Panda licorice's full flavour supplemented with an assortment of raspberry flavoured filling.


Product Description

  • In the same way as a perfume of wine master notices even the smallest nuances of a fragrance, so the licorice taster needs never-failing gustatory nerves
  • Not a single batch of product leaves the Panda factory without an experienced licorice producer checking that the the flavour is precisely the one for which the Panda factory is justly famous.

    Not only a perfect nose, but an immense amount of patience is needed to produce the world´s best licorice
  • A developed sense of taste is the first requirement to become a respected licorice manufacturer
  • The secret of the unique Panda flavour lies in careful cooking, meticulously selected raw materials and a production process rich in tradition.

    Attractive communication of shape

    Filled and flavoured, bars, cords and cuts, fat and flat, short and long
  • Panda licorice develops - in fashion, whilst still respecting tradition; new, surprising flavour combinations and fillings are created and regularly tasted at the factory
  • Chocolate, mint and banana are the favourite fillings in Panda licorice
  • Yielding to licorice temptation is a weakness acceptable even to those who watch over their waist-line
  • There is only 0,5% fat in Panda licorice and the calorie count will be pleasant surprise

    Internationally admired

    Friends of licorice can be found in many countries; the Panda All Natural licorice especially has taken a very strong foot-hold internationally
  • Also salted licorice (salmiac) is combined with licorice for a mouth watering treat.

    An acceptable sin

    Even though licorice is in fact an historical delicacy, it´s popularity doesn´t fade away, indeed quite the reverse is true


Oy Panda Ab is a confectionery factory, established in 1920. Our most important brands in Finland are Panda licorice, Panda Pepe, Juhlapöydän konvehdit (Assorted Chocolates) and Ahaa. Internationally, our best-known brand is Panda licorice.


Even though licorice is enjoyed today mainly for its delicious taste, for thousands of years it has been believed to hold mystic, healing powers. People have used licorice to ward off evil spirits and as a remedy for stomach complaints, coughs and chest infections.
Napoleon is said to have loved licorice and used it to calm his nerves before a battle. Tutankhamun could rest in peace in his burial chamber because he was accompanied
by a jar of licorice.

The licorice flavour comes from underneath the ground:

Licorice comes from the root of the blue flowering pea plant which is found growing wild all over Southern Europe and Asia. The plant´s botanical name is glycyrrhiza glabra, which means sweet root.

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