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  • Book of 21 pH Balance Test Strips.
  • Pascoe ph Balance Test Strips Book



What is Acid-Base Balance?
Why does your pH matter?

Your body strictly regulates its level of acidity, using “buffers” such as alkaline mineral salts (for example, calcium carbonate). When the pH becomes acidic (less than 7.35 in the blood) the body will use any means possible to keep the pH balanced.

How do we become acidic?

Acids are produced normally through your body’s metabolism. But hyperacidity—where the amount of acids produced is more than normal—can occur from various causes such as increased meat consumption, less fruit and vegetable consumption, stress, inflammation, allopathic medicine, and toxins. All of these are encountered by most people in today’s society on a daily basis.

What happens when my body is acidic?

When the level of acids increases, the body uses its built-in buffering systems to neutralize them. If there are more and more acids, the body will use any buffering substances which are available in an attempt to keep the pH in the blood stable. Even small changes in blood pH can be extremely harmful.

The body will store acids in the connective tissue, which can cause an increase in inflammation and degeneration throughout the body. And to supplement the buffers in the bloodstream, the body will “borrow” calcium and other alkalinizing minerals from the bones. This can result in osteoporosis. Many other disorders, ranging from digestive problems to allergies, can be linked to acidosis.

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