BRCO12821 Pedigree

Pedigree Complete Puppy Chicken & Rice - 3kg


Product Description

  • We're for dogs
  • Complete petfood for puppies, growing dogs from 2 months to adulthood and bitches in gestation or lactation
  • *Soft skin and a shiny coat - Omega 6 and Vitamin E help keep him looking and feeling as gorgeous as the day you first saw him
  • *We're making you and your dog a whole list of good honest food promises
  • Find them all at
  • *Teeth and bone development - Just the right amount of calcium and phosphorous helps him develop strong teeth and bones, ready for a lifetime of eating and playing
  • Developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians of WALTHAM
  • So we've carefully chosen every ingredient in our Puppy Growth & Protection recipe to provide 100% of the nutrition they need - every single meal
  • This food is specially designed to give your puppy the right balance of nutrients to grow up strong and healthy *Healthy joint development - Glucosamine from a natural source will help his joints grow strong and supple enough for all that walking, running, jumping and digging
  • We buy our meat from the same approved sources as meat for human consumption
  • The world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition
  • *Brain & sight development - Fish oil, a natural source of DHA, helps his brain and eyes develop healthily so he's ready for years of fun and games
  • *Natural defences - Vitamin E, an antioxidant, helps protect his immune system, so he can get on with exploring the big wide world
  • That means making great dog food that's good for them, and really tasty too

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