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Peppa's Noisy Friends Game - Peppa Pig -Jumbo

  • Peppa Pig Noisy Friends Game is a fun game that gets plenty of giggles when they are calling out their character’s ‘noises’.The game revolves round four favourite characters from the popular television show – Peppa Pig, Danny Dog, Candy Cat and Suzy Sheep.


Product Description

  • If the picture is of your character you make your character’s noise (Oink, Oink – Miaow, Miaow – Baaa, Baaa – Woof, Woof) as quickly as possible
  • There are four coloured ‘head-bands’, four face/ears of the characters (one set for each player) and 48 Playing Cards. The player needs to remember what ‘character’ they are wearing, and what colour the head-band is. Starting with the youngest player, take turns to turn over the top card and place it face up next to the deck of cards. Each card features one character and two colours
  • If there’s a dispute over who was the fastest
  • If your headband is the same colour as one of the background colours you can also make the character’s noise (not your own character, but the character on the card)
  • But there is another way to win the card
  • So, if the card is Peppa Pig, you might have three players each trying to be the first to ‘Oink’! Of course a player might get confused and ‘Woof’ (if they are wearing the Danny Dog character face) instead of ‘Oinking’ which adds to the fun, but doesn’t win the card. The first player to shout out the correct sound wins the card and places it in front of them for counting at the end of the game
  • The character sounds are; Peppa Pig ‘Oink Oink’, Candy Cat ‘Miaow Miaow’, Suzy Sheep ‘Baaa, Baaa’, Danny Dog ‘Woof, Woof’
  • Mum (or Dad) knows best! If two or three players called out at exactly the same time then that card is put back into the pack, face down
  • Once all the cards have been played, count how many each player has in front of them – the one with the most cards is the winner. Peppa Pig Noisy Friends Game includes four coloured head bands and character faces and 48 playing cards. The game is suitable 2 – 4 players. Box Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 8 cms Manufacturers Age Recommendation: 3 years and over.


Actual Weight: 264g
Age: 3+
Ass/Sol: Solid
Manufacturer: Jumbo
Packaging: Box - A4 < 9"
Topic: Peppa Pig

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3 years - 7 years




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