NAST19073 Percol

Percol Fair Trade Italiano Instant Coffee - 100g

  • High roast and full bodied
  • Harmonious blend of fruit and spice with a bittersweet finish.
  • Percol Ft Italiano Instant Coffee 100G
  • Fragrant smoky aroma


Product Description

  • Italians wake up to the hum of coffee machines, the chat and chink of coffee cups
  • Choose a comfortable spot in one of Rome’s elegant piazzas or grab a front-row seat amongst the contemporary set of Milan
  • Italy hangs out around the coffee bars and morning coffee is drunk standing ? hot, strong and fast.

    The best way to catch the rhythm of Italian life is over a smooth, intense coffee
  • From Rome to Verona
  • Don’t forget, if you go for a latte or a cappuccino, make sure it’s before 11am, anytime after is so not done.


The Percol difference isn't just the awards we win
Let's think about what makes great coffee. First put on your fine wine hat and consider how quality wines with real character tend to come from small family run vineyards.

Now you'll begin to see why Percol is so different to other coffees. For a start we don't source our beans from large commercial estates; instead we search out small plantations in different regions of Central and Southern America, often run by the indigenous population and benefiting from natural soil enrichment and microclimates that allow the coffee to develop its full, natural character. Where possible we choose Fairtrade coffee beans and buy from organic growers who carefully hand pick the red cherries just when they are ripe and perfect for harvesting.

Like wine, coffee oxidizes so we use sophisticated processing methods from roasting to packing to ensure that the beans do not come into contact withe oxygen. Little wonder then, that Percol produces some of the best tasting coffees you can buy.

The experts think so too; since 2002 Percol has won 27 industry awards.

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