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Perfect 10 Weight Loss Supplement - 60 Capsules

  • Perfect 10 Weight Loss Supplement is a natural yet powerful weight-loss supplement that works.


Product Description

  • Our Perfect 10® philosophy is about losing real weight, being healthier and feeling good about yourself from the inside out.
  • Perfect 10® is helping so many people (male and female) to lose huge amounts of fat, curb cravings, tone up, increase energy levels and generally feel so much better about themselves

Nutrition Information

The secret ingredient in Perfect 10® is Green Tea Complex NLT- 400© which was specially formulated and chosen by our experts to speed up a sluggish metabolism to burn fat quicker, increase energy levels and help stop those calorific cravings.

Our other two key ingredients are L-Theanine which gives you a feel-good boost to keep you motivated to lose fat. Plus Bioperine©, a patented black pepper extract which increases body heat (Thermo genesis) to burn calories faster. It also helps the absorption rate of the other nutrients in Perfect 10® .

All of these ingredients combined with the Perfect 10® steps to success, a healthy eating plan and simple exercise programme will help you to lose weight, tone up and reveal a slimmer, happier new you inside and out. What more could you want!

Other ingredients in Perfect 10® include:
L-Carnitine which helps breakdown fat cells. Chromium picolinate/polynicotinate which balances blood sugar levels and reduces cravings. Choline which speeds up fat metabolism and improves memory function. Inositol which improves your mood. Capsaicin extract which increases energy and helps with fat burning. Vitamin B2 which helps to break down carbohydrates and fats. Vitamin B6 which improves mood and regulates the breakdown of sugars.

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