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  • Fast-moving and intellectually demanding, the game’s need for skill, foresight and ruthless logic is perfect for both experienced and new strategy fans who love a challenge.

    The word Perigon" means a 360 degree angle
  • Set up Perigon's unique board and you'll see why it was chosen, as you quickly get drawn into an enthralling world of angles and edges requiring all-round foresight and tactical imagination.

    Players use their pieces to wheel around and shunt past those of their opponent, gradually manoeuvring the Flag towards their opponent’s goal line
  • Luck plays no part - only the cunning and clever will plant the Flag on the far goal line and win.

    Perigon fully incorporates all of the classic elements of strategy – concentration, decision-making, reinforcement and pattern recognition – while completely revolutionising them at the same time
  • Perigon is the revolutionary new two-player strategy game
  • The mechanics of Perigon are unique, so players are forced into an exciting reimagination of their approach to playing.

    The unique design of our solid wooden Perigon sets is a striking combination of the classic and the contemporary
  • The set is large with the board measuring 33cm x 27cm x 2cm and the nine cylindrical pieces 3.3cm x 1.1cm.

    In spite of the depth of the game play Perigon is very easy to learn
  • What’s more, as it only has nine pieces, you can quickly set up the board and start playing almost immediately."
  • Carved from the finest Albizia Saman (a weighty, deep brown wood) and hand-finished with a premium varnish, these beautiful sets would serve as elegant additions to any interior
  • It sounds deceptively simple, but the richness of the game play means every battle will be different

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