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PerioBalance Oral Probiotic - 30 Mint Lozenges

  • Advanced oral health probiotic with Lactobacillus reuteri.

Product Description

A balanced microflora is essential for oral health, just as it is for overall wellness. Your mouth and gastrointestinal tract are protected by beneficial microflora which, when balanced, work together as a natural defence system for the mouth.

Poor oral hygiene, stress, bad eating habits, certain medication or a hectic lifestyle can disrupt this protective oral balance and allow bad bacteria to thrive, causing bleeding gums, bad breath and other oral health problems.

GUM PerioBalance: a new ally in our first line of defence against harmful oral bacteria

- Gum PerioBalance is a unique advanced oral health probiotic containing the innovative and patented ingredient Lactoba-cillus reuteri Prodentis which has been documented in clinical studies.
- Gum PerioBalance helps restore the natural balance of your mouth and contributes to improved oral health.
- Gum PerioBalance reduces bacterial plaque build up that can lead to gum and other mouth problems.
- Gum PerioBalance is formulated to help fight against harmful oral bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans and P.giniivalis.
- Clinical studies have shown that Gum PerioBalance is safe for both adults and children under normal usage conditions.


GUM: Healthy Gums. Healthy Life™

Sunstar’s flagship oral-care brand, GUM®, is the first comprehensive line of products specifically designed to prevent the causes, and not merely the symptoms, of periodontal diseases — a disease reported to affect around 70% of the world’s population. Understanding the mechanisms and major causes of periodontal diseases, Sunstar has been developing new “state of the art” products to combat the adverse effects of periodontal disease and its impact on wellbeing. This is being accomplished through Sunstar's traditionally close relationship with the world’s leading scientists and academics in the field.

In recent years, studies have shown that oral bacteria can enter the blood stream and travel throughout the body. Bodily response to the bacteria, including generation of cytokines and inflammation, can lead to serious health problems, such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, aggravation of diabetes, pneumonia and other respiratory diseases, stroke and even adverse pregnancy outcomes, through a “chain reaction”.

With more than 80 years of dental experience, GUM has developed specific oral care products to help prevent this “chain reaction” from starting in the mouth and realize its Healthy Gums, Healthy Life mission.

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