BICL10005 Perspi Guard

Perspi Guard Antiperspirant Treatment - 30ml

  • Strong Antiperspirant
  • Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Treatment has been scientifically formulated to stop excessive sweat and problem odour
  • Strong Deodorant.



A Unique Formula

The unique antiperspirant formula was developed by specialist Doctors and Pharmacologists after 10 years of study and research into clinical Hyperhidrosis, or as it is more commonly and simply known, excessive sweating.

An estimated 40% of the World's population suffers with problematic sweating at some point during their lives and it can affect anyone at anytime. Almost 3% of us suffer with Hyperhidrosis, which is a life controlling medical condition. Unless you are affected by it, or know someone who is, you will not appreciate the serious problems associated with it. We offer solutions and products that will control excessive sweating.

Clinically Proven

Perspi-Guard antiperspirant has been clinically proven to provide up to 5 days complete protection from sweat and odour from a single application, so our antiperspirant only requires 1 - 2 applications per week, for total all round performance, comfort and confidence. It can be safely used on all normal skin types in many areas of the body such as the underarms, the feet, hands and the torso. The product has undergone extensive laboratory testing and has surpassed all dermatology, allergy, skin reaction and efficacy trials.

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