EITL10002 Willie's Cacao

Peruvian Gold Chulucanas 70% Dark Chocolate - 80g

  • As little processing as possible to make these bars, maximum taste with minimum meddling, as we state on the bar.
  • Natural raw cane sugar.
  • There are none of the usual added ingredients normally found in chocolate which mask the natural flavours of the beans.
  • The beans are sourced from the departamento de san martin in northern peru in the foothills of the andes in the lush amazonian rainforests.

Product Description

An adventure in taste, it melts taking you to the mountains of the Morropon province of Peru, with their native Criollo beans and their distinctive notes of the raisins and plums. That’s why I make my chocolate from ‘bean to bar’, to capture the mind-blowing different flavours from the great cacao regions of the world.


Dark Chocolate - contains cocoa solids 70% minimum). Ingredients: Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Cuban Raw Cane Sugar. THIS PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUT


Open and melt away with the beautiful flavours.


Willie searches far and wide to find the most beautiful beans he can to provide us with the best tasting chocolate. Once the beans have been harvested, fermented and dried, they are packed into hessian sacks and transported directly by sea to Willie's chocolate factory in Uffculme, Devon, in South West England. The moment they arrive they are checked and stored in a climate-controlled room at between 14 and 16 degrees. Every step of the way from bean to bar, Willie wanted to concentrate on flavour. It all takes time but great things are worth waiting for and now we have succulent, devine and delicious chocolates we could all dream of thanks to Willie.

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El Tesoro Ltd.









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