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Pest-Stop Systems Snap Trap (Loose) Box of 16

Product Description

  • It is easy to set with a simple click, and can even be set using just one hand
  • To minimise distress to captured mice, traps must be checked regularly (preferably every 2 hours), and should not be left overnight.

    PRCPSSTM Snap Traps are supplied as a box of 16.

  • The Pest-Stop Snap Trap is a plastic mouse trap, which is pre-baited with a mixture most mice find irresistible - a mixture of peanut oil and molasses

  • It is extremely safe to use.

    No need to touch dead mice; simply release by pressing down on the tab - the trap will then be ready for re-use

    Please note: Mice carry a variety of diseases, and should never be handled without protection

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