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Pest-Stop Systems Trip Trap Humane Mouse Trap (Blistered)

Product Description

  • This British-designed mouse trap has been especially developed to cause the least stress and no harm to mice when they are caught

  • Pest-Stop Trip Traps are a safe and friendly way to deal with unwanted house guests

  • PRCPSTTB Trip Trap humane mouse trap is supplied in a blister pack of 1.

  • Plentiful ventilation points reduce stress to caught mice
  • To minimise distress to captured mice, traps must be checked regularly (preferably every 2 hours), and should not be left overnight
  • The traps are easy to bait and set, and each trap is provided with full instructions for use

  • Please note: Mice carry a variety of diseases, and should never be handled without protection

  • The door drops automatically behind the mouse when it crosses the treadle to reach the bait, and the clear plastic body means you can see at a glance when you have caught something

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