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Peugeot Alpha Tray - 21 x 19cm

  • Peugeot Alpha Tray - 21 x 19cm.


Peugeot grinders have been in production since the mid 19th Century and many chefs will use no other grinders in the kitchen. Often copied but never equalled, the principle of two helicoidal grooves allows the peppercorns to be gathered and transported to the base where they are wedged before being ground. Made of heavy grade processed steel, the mechanisms are virtually indestructible. The stainless steel mechanisms of the salt mills are a more recent addition but follow the same basic principle. The fineness of the pepper or salt can be tuned to one's own preference by adjusting the knob at the top. Both mechanisms carry a full lifetime guarantee.
With the superb craftsmanship of the wood, clear acrylic or stainless steel bodies, this range is the finest available.

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