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Pfaff Select Creative Bobbin Case

  • Create beautiful bobbin work, also called reverse decorative stitch embroidery, with the creative Bobbin Case
  • To bring up the bobbin thread, hold the needle thread, and turn the handwheel towards you.1
  • Thread the top with regular sewing thread.2
  • Increase the stitch length for best results.6
  • Snap on the presser foot 2/2A or 8.4
  • Experiment with the straight stitch, zigzag and decorative stitches
  • Depending on the type of decorative thread you are using for your projects, there are different ways of working with the Pfaff creative Bobbin Case
  • For less texture, use finer specialty threads and adjust the bobbin tension screw, if needed, so the thread pulls evenly and has a slight tension
  • Use the recommended size needle for your fabric.3
  • Select stitches where the density is loose
  • Place the right side of the fabric facing down and place Tear Away Stabilizer on top.5
  • This Case will fit with the following machines:Pfaff Select 1520, Pfaff Select 1526, Pfaff Select 1528, Pfaff Select 2.0Pfaff Classic Style Quilt Machine 2027Pfaff Expression 2014Pfaff Select 1530, Pfaff Select 1536, Pfaff Select 1538, Pfaff Select 1540, Pfaff Select 1546, Pfaff Select 1548, Pfaff Select 3.0, Pfaff Select 4.0Pfaff Expression 2024, Pfaff Expression 2026, Pfaff Expression 2028, Pfaff Expression 2034, Pfaff Expression 2036Pfaff Quilt Expression 2042, 2044, 2046, Pfaff Creative 2124Creative 7560Pfaff Expression 2038, Quilt Expression 2048, Pfaff Performance 2054, 2056, 2058Pfaff Creative 7530, Pfaff Creative 2134, Pfaff Creative 2140, Pfaff Creative 2144, Pfaff Creative 2170Creative VisionSelect 2.2, Select 3.2, Select 4.2
  • For heavier yarns and textured specialty threads:Wind the bobbin evenly clock-wise by hand
  • For the most textured bobbin work, do not pull the heavy thread or yarn into the bobbin tension, but go directly into the bypass slot
  • Pfaff Select Creative Bobbin Case
  • Put the bobbin in the creative Bobbin Case andpull the specialty thread into the bobbin tension
  • Put the bobbin in the Bobbin Case
  • Place the bobbin in the Pfaff creative Bobbin Case
  • Select slow speed and stitch at an even speed.7
  • For heavy or specialty threads:Wind the bobbin with the decorative thread slowly
  • Increase needle thread tension slightly if needed



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


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