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Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium 100ug - 60 Tablets

  • Chromium is an essential trace element
  • GTF is responsible for chromium’s many beneficial effects.
  • Bio-chromium 100mcg Nutritional Supplements
  • It functions in an organic complex called ‘Glucose Tolerance Factor’ (GTF)


Product Description

  • When considering blood sugar levels, chromium works together with the hormone insulin to regulate the levels.

    Chromium supplements have been used to treat a variety of disorders
  • Insulin dependent diabetics should only take chromium under medical supervision
  • Chromium has also been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and increase lean muscle mass for people wishing to lose weight.

    Taking one tablet of Bio-Chromium (equivalent to 100 µg chromium) per day is recommended for general well-being and two tablets (equivalent to 200 µg) per day have been shown to give a therapeutic benefit.

    Bio-Chromium contains 100 µg of organic chromium which is 25 times more bioavailable (absorbed) than inorganic chromium
  • Other forms may not be as bio-available or as safe.

    There are many scientific papers that show the beneficial effects of chromium preparations, particularly in reducing body fat and regulating blood glucose levels.

    There are no known drug interactions or contra-indications with other forms of medicament for chromium
  • Chromium depletion has been implicated in high blood cholesterol levels and in poor glucose tolerance
  • Its primary use is in helping to maintain blood sugar levels in individuals tending towards diabetes
  • This is because chromium may reduce the body’s need for insulin.


About Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium
Bio-Chromium contains yeast-bound chromium in a highly absorbent form. Our organic source is called ChromoPrecise and is only used in Bio-Chromium. In some countries this is the only approved organic chromium source used in food supplements. Each tablet contains 100 microgram of chromium. Pharma Nord recommends 1 tablet/day. Tablets are best taken with food, particularly that with a high fibre content. Pharma Nord recommends 1 tablet of Bio-Chromium and 4 tablets of Bio-Fibre 80 to be taken together daily. Bio-Chromium is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.
What do you recommend to take with Bio-Chromium? Bio-CLA


Pharma Nord is a European pharmaceutical company which specializes in preventive medicine and nutrition... The company's raison d'être is the production and sale of scientifically well-founded dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs. The company places much emphasis upon research involving its own products conducted by interested, independent researchers and upon an on-going examination of the relevant scientific literature. From the beginning it has been Pharma Nord's goal to offer a series of dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs characterized by a superior degree of quality, bio-availability and efficacy. Not all dietary supplements are equally good. There are, for example, significant differences in the bio-availability of various versions of the same vitamin or trace element depending upon how they have been produced.
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