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Pharma Nord Bio-E-Vitamin 200iu - 150 Capsules

  • Concentrated, natural source Vitamin E, which may help to maintain healthy cardiovascular, immune, nervous and resproductive systems.
  • Pharma Nord Vitamin E is an important antioxidant


Product Description

  • It is the major lipid soluble antioxidant stabilizing cell membranes, protecting membrane polyunsaturated fatty acid components from attack by damaging free radicals
  • The major function of vitamin E is as an antioxidant
  • Vitamin E reduces the risk of certain types of cancer
  • In addition to its role in cell membrane repair, vitamin E helps maintain normal cardiovascular function, by protecting LDL cholesterol against oxidative damage (the initial step in atherosclerosis of blood vessels), promoting normal blood clotting/platelet aggregation and normal blood pressure
  • Free radicals are harmful molecules generated as unwanted by-products of normal metabolism within the body, as well as following exposure to environmental chemical pollutants
  • Vitamin E is used as an additive in foods with a high content of fat or oils, to prevent oxidation and rancidity.

    Clinical studies have shown that Vitamin E has the following benefits:
  • Vitamin E protects against the development of neurological disorders
  • Vitamin E also promotes normal wound healing and has potent anti-inflammatory action
  • Vitamin E helps to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Vitamin E benefits patients with Alzheimer’s disease


Vitamin E is generally well tolerated, but may rarely cause gastrointestinal disturbance or headaches. Vitamin E has a low toxicity, and supplementation with vitamin E in clinical trials has an excellent safety record; a dose of 1000 IU/day is considered to be completely safe and without side effects. Patients taking anticoagulants or with vitamin K deficiency may have increased risk of bleeding with high doses of vitamin E.


The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA, National Research Council of the USA) for vitamin E is 10mg/day, equivalent to 15 International Units (IU) of vitamin E activity. However the RDA above equates to the minimum intake required to prevent deficiency. In terms of optimum intake of vitamin E, the European Federation of Health Product Manufacturers recommend a daily intake of 900 IU/day. Levels of vitamin E are reduced by smoking and drinking alcohol, and decline with age. Diets containing a high proportion of fish oils or polyunsaturated fatty acids may result in deficient vitamin E absorption.


Pharma Nord is a European pharmaceutical company which specializes in preventive medicine and nutrition... The company's raison d'être is the production and sale of scientifically well-founded dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs. The company places much emphasis upon research involving its own products conducted by interested, independent researchers and upon an on-going examination of the relevant scientific literature. From the beginning it has been Pharma Nord's goal to offer a series of dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs characterized by a superior degree of quality, bio-availability and efficacy. Not all dietary supplements are equally good. There are, for example, significant differences in the bio-availability of various versions of the same vitamin or trace element depending upon how they have been produced.
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