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PHNO10050 Pharma Nord

Pharma Nord Bio-Fiber 80mg - 120 Tablets

by Pharma Nord

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  • Helps compensate for the insufficient fibre content in many modern diets
  • Bio-Fiber – Fibre from vegetable sources
  • May help to maintain optimal digestive and cardiovascular systems.
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Product Description

    • Dietary fibre reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Dietary fibre content has fallen progressively throughout the 20th century, and modern diets with a high content of processed food contain much reduced or little dietary fibre
    • Dietary fibre helps to prevent constipation and haemorrhoids
    • It is not just the overall level of fibre in the diet which is important, but also the relative amounts of the main types of fibre:- cellulose, hemicellulose, lignan and pectin.

      The components of dietary fibre have a filling effect, reducing hunger; they delay gastric emptying, and slow the absorption of food, thereby reducing post-prandial hyperglyceamia and buffering glucose intake, and decrease intestinal transit time and increase beneficial micro-flora in the large intestine
    • Dietary fibre helps to inhibit the development of diabetes
    • Although dietary fibre is not absorbed by the body, it still plays an important role in the normal functioning of the digestive tract
    • fibre rich grain products, fruit and vegetables) comprised an extensive part of the typical diet of the UK population in the early 20th century
    • Dietary fibre (i.e
    • Dietary fibre reduces the risk of colonic cancer
    • Dietary fibre is defined as material of plant origin which is resistant to degradation by digestive enzymes, passing essentially unchanged through the stomach and small intestine, until reaching the large intestine
    • Dietary fibre components reduce blood lipid levels by binding to (and promoting excretion of) cholesterol and bile acids, assist in the removal of toxins and cancer causing substances from the colonic wall, and are partially degraded by colonic bacteria to yield short chain fatty acids, that act as an energy source for the colonic mucosa


  • Dietary fibre is generally well tolerated; however if the body is not accustomed to a dietary fibre rich diet abdominal discomfort (due to increased gas production resulting from fermentation by intestinal bacteria) may result. It is recommended to increase dietary fibre intake gradually, to give the digestive tract an opportunity to adjust to the change in dietary fibre content. Increased dietary fibre intake should be accompanied by an increased water intake (since dietary fibre adsorbs water), otherwise constipation may result. It is not possible to overdose with dietary fibre. Increased dietary fibre intake may interfere with the absorption of certain types of drugs, which should be taken separately.


  • The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recommend an intake of at least 30gm/day. It has been estimated that the typical modern Northern European diet contains as little as 10 gm/day of dietary fibre. The appropriate proportions of different dietary fibre types are hemicellulose 50%, pectin 24%, cellulose 23% and lignin 3%. Deficiency in dietary fibre is associated with an increased risk for development of colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


  • Pharma Nord is a European pharmaceutical company which specializes in preventive medicine and nutrition... The company's raison d'être is the production and sale of scientifically well-founded dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs. The company places much emphasis upon research involving its own products conducted by interested, independent researchers and upon an on-going examination of the relevant scientific literature. From the beginning it has been Pharma Nord's goal to offer a series of dietary supplements, natural remedies and medicinal drugs characterized by a superior degree of quality, bio-availability and efficacy. Not all dietary supplements are equally good. There are, for example, significant differences in the bio-availability of various versions of the same vitamin or trace element depending upon how they have been produced.
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