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PHDN10040 Phd Nutrition

Phd Nutrition Waxy Vol Berry Blast - 2000g

by Phd Nutrition

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  • Waxy Vol contains Enduragrain fine ground waxy barley starch, with a GI of lower than 30
  • Waxy Vol can be used pre-during or post-exercise
  • Ultra Low GI Carbohydrate powder, unique to PhD Nutrition and a huge innovation in the sports nutrition marketplace
  • It can be used to add quality, slow-burning carbohydrate calories to a mass-building diet or to add fuel to the diet of an endurance athlete or team sports player
  • The most versatile product in the PhD range.
  • Expected Despatch By 12/12/2016


Product Description

    • Well PhD are the first to introduce to the market, Waxy Barley Starch™
    • Waxy Barley Starch™ is exceptionally low GI (1), contains healthy Beta Glucan fibre and unlike maltodextrin and maize starch, brings you all the considerably extra goodness and health benefits of Barley
    • Most of you will have heard of waxy maize starch
    • Waxy-VOL™ is perfect for:
      + Slow release energy.
      + Long-term endurance and stamina.
      + Recovery from intense exercise.
      + Carb-loading.
      + Pre-exercise to ensure muscle fullness and strength.
      + An addition to a high-carbohydrate, mass building diet.
      + A healthy source of low GI carbohydrates
    • Fantastic for athletes of all levels and sports from rugby, cycling, football, athletics, martial arts, long distance running and weight training, Waxy-VOL™ is a must for any athlete seeking either slow burning energy, carb-loading and/or maximum recovery from intense exercise.

      Keeping the Grain Raw
      All athletes understand the importance of raw grains and that when we cook grains that are initially low GI (such as Oats), we raise the GI, rendering the ingredient less of a complex carbohydrate option that in it’s raw state
    • Waxy VOL™ provides raw barley, ideal to add to protein drinks, meal replacement drinks, High GI energy drinks (to decrease the GI), to boost the complex carbohydrate count of a mass-gaining drink or to just add Unflavoured Waxy-VOL™™ to orange juice or your favourite fruit juice
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      Waxy-VOL™ Contains:
      · All eight essential amino acids in a ratio mirroring the human body’s.
      · Beta-Glucans which help boost the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels and helping to regulate sugar levels.
      · Soluble Fibre that creates a stable, steady release of nutrients.
      · Enzymes that work to assist the utilization of oxygen and the dispersal of free radical actions.
      · S.O.D.: Super Oxide Dismutase is present, a formidable weapon against free radicals.
      · Complex Carbohydrate for sustained energy.
      · Vitamins and Minerals: Almost every key nutrient is present.
      · Naturally-Occurring Essential Fatty Acids.


  • Superfine Long Chain Enduragrain™ Waxy Barley Starch, Following ingredients only present in Berry Blast and Mango Crush flavours: Citric Acid, Flavouring, Natural Colouring:- Beetroot Red (Berry Blast only), Circumin (Mango Crush only), Sweetener:- Sucralose.



  • Manufactured in a factory that handles gluten, peanuts, eggs, nuts.

Nutrition Information

  • Nutritional profile
    Per 100g
    Per 36G serving (1 scoop = 36g)
    Per 72G serving (2 scoops = 72g)

    Of which sugars
    Of which polyunsaturates
    Of which saturates
    Dietary fibre


  • Unflavoured: Add 1 scoop of Unflavoured Waxy-VOL™ to 250-300ml of Ice Cold Water or liquid (or with other PhD products as listed above) and shake or stir for 5 seconds in a PhD shaker cup. For every additional scoop of Waxy-VOL™ used, please add an extra 100ml of water or liquid.

    Berry Blast + Mango Crush: Add 1 scoop of Berry Blast or Mango Crush Waxy-VOL™ to 300-350ml of Ice Cold Water or liquid and shake or stir for 5 seconds in a PhD shaker cup. For every additional scoop of Waxy-VOL™ used, please add an extra 200ml of water or liquid.

    Use Waxy-VOL™ either:
    · Before exercise to ensure maximum glycogen storage.
    · During exercise or a long duration sports match or race to ensure continued energy supply.
    · After exercise to enhance recovery and restoration.
    · At any period throughout the day to boost quality carbohydrate intake.

    How to use Waxy-VOL™ with other PhD products:
    15-30 minutes Pre-exercise: Add 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL™ to 300ml of water (you could also add your favourite pre-workout drink Wired™). This will ensure a sustained release of energy throughout your exercise session. Always add additional water to this mix when combining two or more products.

    Immediately after exercise: If you are not using PhD Recovery 2:1™, which already contains Waxy Barley Starch™, you may wish to add 1-2 scoops of unflavoured Waxy-VOL™ to PhD Pharma-Whey™ or Synergy-ISO-7™. You can also use Waxy-VOL™ with Pharma-Whey™ or Synergy-ISO-7™ throughout the day to boost calorie count and ensure your intake of quality carbohydrates for increased energy stores, muscle mass and quality mass-gain.

    Using Waxy-VOL™ with Pharma-Whey™: Adding 1 scoop of unflavoured Waxy-VOL™ to 1 serving of Pharma-Whey™ will require a total of 350ml of liquid for the combination to be mixed effectively. Adding 2 scoops of Waxy-VOL™ to 1 serving of Pharma-Whey ™ will require a total of 500ml of liquid.

    Using Waxy-VOL™ with Synergy-ISO-7™: Adding 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL™ to 1 serving of Synergy-ISO-7™ will require a total of 450ml of liquid for the combination to be mixed effectively.

    Using Waxy-VOL™ with Pharma-Blend™: For the perfect slow release protein and carbohydrate mass-building meal, add 1 scoop of Waxy-VOL™ and 1 serving of Pharma-Blend™ to 450ml of ice-cold water and shake for 10 seconds.


  • The PhD Mission:
    To provide innovative sports nutrition products that taste superb and deliver serious results.

    The PhD Premium promise:
    Welcome to the new and fully comprehensive PhD Nutrition website community. However, PhD are so much more than a provider of premium quality sports nutrition. We recognise that our strength is in our team and within our collective knowledge of sports nutrition and the requirements of all athletes. PhD are investors in UK athletes, from the teenage beginner to the seasoned professional we strive to grow and develop along with those who matter the most to us, the athlete.

    Education is key:
    As a large team of athletes ourselves we understand what you need in order to prosper and ensure that we provide the complete solution. A serious sports nutrition brand would not be complete without a support team of experts, on hand daily to back-up the PhD product line. It’s vital to us that we use every opportunity possible to educate the sports nutrition consumer and we achieve this by ensuring our website features strength and conditioning experts and world champion athletes, on hand daily to answer any of your queries via the discussion forum, or “ask the expert” feature at

    The PhD team of experts:
    Our team of experts also extensively tour health stores around the UK, providing free product taster samples and educating the consumer about the quality of PhD nutrition and the necessity and benefits of living the athletic lifestyle. We are a close group and celebrate our success, why not come along and meet us? Keep an eye on the website for news of in-store appearances.

    We take Sports Nutrition seriously:
    PhD demand perfection, both within our product range and our team of experts. We deliver results, strive to ensure you achieve your objectives and invest in the future of the athletic lifestyle. Our team is passionate about what we do, we’re all serious athletes and apply our own model of success to ensuring PhD becomes the number-one sports nutrition solution.

    Manufactured in the UK by experts:
    Our team of product development experts research and design the best and most innovative products money can buy. The PhD Nutrition product manufacturing plant carries the BRC Global standard food manufacturing award, as accredited by the CMI.

    Team PhD vision:
    Investing in athletes and to create the number-one sports nutrition and lifestyle brand for the future.

    Sporting values:
    We firmly believe that premium sports nutrition is for everyone. We can all benefit from quality sports supplementation which is why we work closely with athletes from all sporting backgrounds and sectors, young and old, beginner to experienced.

    PhD promise to the environment:
    Conscious of the current problems within the world at large, PhD Nutrition have made their stand in the often-blinkered world of sports nutrition. The new Pharma-whey eco-pouch is recyclable as well as fantastically-easy to use and carry around at your convenience.

    IOC allowed ingredients, 100% Drug Free:
    As our team of athletes all compete within IOC drug-tested events, every product we develop must fall within the allowed IOC product listings. It makes sense that If we are designing premium, top of the range sports nutrition, we are going to design it with our team in mind. It’s vital that every ingredient passing through their body is as clean as the ingredients passing through yours. That’s why PhD Nutrition work closely with the MHRA to ensure that all ingredients in the products featured within the PhD portfolio are safe to use by all drug-free, drug-tested athletes.


  • Store in a cool dry place.

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