TWOW10027 Bio Green

Phoenix 2.8KW Electric Fan Heater - 23cm diameter x 42cm long

  • This fully thermosatically controlled heater has been professionally designed to give very accurate temperature control and maximum air flow. Its multi-functional settings offer a full range of heat and fan only options making it ideal for use in the greenhouse or conservatory. Suitable for heating greenhouses up to 10ft x 12ft, this heater is approx. 42cm long x 23cm in diameter (excluding control panel) and has a 3 metre power cable for easy installation.

Product Description

This high quality greenhouse heater is made from stainless steel, has a durable 53w fan motor and includes fittings and chains to suspend it from the roof and feet to allow it to be free standing. Having a IPX4 rating means it has a high level of protection against water ingress means that it's splash proof. This allows the heater to be positioned where moisture and humidity levels are high. This heater features a high quality capillary thermostat which provides a high degree of accuracy, allowing precise control of the temperature. It can be set between 0*C - 26*C and is accurate to +/- 1*C. For maximum versatility this heater has three heat output options of 1kw, 1.8kw and 2.8kw. The thermostat can be set to switch the heater off altogether once temperature has been reached or so that the heating element only swithches off and the fan continues to run, maximising air flow and movement. The powerful fan can be set to run constantly and with its 20cm diameter fan blades moving 460 cubic meters of air an hour, helping cool and ventilate during the summer.

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