PHCO23506 Physical Company

Physical Company Power Speed Harness Black

  • Suitable for use with the Sled Dawg and most forms of resistance tubing (e.g
  • Includes Karibiners which connect the harness to other equipment
  • Physical Company Power Speed Harness Black
  • Supaflex and Twist tubing)
  • Sports Harness.


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Established in 1989, Physical Company has been providing innovative, forward thinking, functional fitness equipment for over 20 years. Physical Company Ltd produces high-quality commercial fitness, gym & exercise equipment; fulfilling the needs of every fitness professional.

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3 out of 5
By Jonnyp | Posted on: 18/07/2013

Relatively decent product

Product is good, fit nicely and was comfortable, only issue was when pulling large amounts of weight (120kg + body weight) the metal D ring holding the straps together broke. Got roun the situation by using a carabiner but none the less a little disappointed when using it for the first time. Not sure if the product is specific enough for strong man work, but then I didn't see anything to say it wasn't.


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