CEDH10133 Pil-Food

Pil-Food Pilfood - 100 Capsules

  • Many types of hair problems originate at the hair root and so appropriate therapy must reach this area
  • These include sulphurated amino acids and trace elements which naturally enhance the growth of strong healthy hair
  • In order to have strong healthy growing hair, then hair must be fed from the inside
  • Pil Food is a complete preparation that provides the body with the essential nutrients for hair


Product Description

  • Pil Food is an internal treatment for hair problems which acts at the hair root
  • Pil Food is ideal for those suffering from dull, lifeless and thinning hair
  • In addition it is suitable for many types of alopecia as Pil Food has the right combination and sufficient quantity of essential nutrients to help the regrowth of strong healthy hair
  • Pil Food is ideal for most hair problems and can be a supportive treatment, for conditions such as male pattern baldness by helping to slow the process down and strengthening the remaining hair
  • Pil Food is can also be a supportive treatment for conditions such as male pattern baldness by helping to slow the process down and strengthening remaining hair.
  • The key to Pil Food's effectiveness is the quantity and balance of its active ingredients


DL-Methionine, capsule shell (Gelatin, colours: Titanium Dioxide, Red Ponceau, Ferric Oxide), L-Cystine, Enzyme-Hydrolused Lactalbumin, Pantothenic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Millet extract 4%, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vanillin flavouring, Riboflavin, Biotin.
Nutritional Information. Average per capsule: Vitamin E 2mg (20% RDA), Riboflavin 0.8mg (50% RDA), Vitamin B6 10mg (500% RDA), Biotin 0.2mg (133% RDA), Pantothenic Acid 23mg (383% RDA), DL-Methionine 200mg, L-Cystine 105mg.


Swallow the capsules with water during or after meals.
Adults - one capsule three times daily.
Pregnant and nursing mothers - all supplements should be taken with the advice of a doctor during this period.

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4 out of 5
By Cato | Posted on: 29/04/2013

Good product

This is a good product if you would like to have healthy hair


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