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Plamil Organic Dairy Free Chocolate - Mint - Pack of 6 x 100g

  • A mild minty organic bar with 60% cocoa solids.


Product Description

  • These wonderfully smooth 60% cocoa bars are flavoured with organic oils, producing the most luxurious chocolate flavours.
  • With subtly improved processes, our range of organic bars now taste even better


We have been making organic chocolate for over ten years, but much has changed since those early pioneering days.

We have refined and improved the cocoa supply in co-operation with our organic farmers and subtlety improved the methods we use to make our chocolate. Now we have a wide range of superbly refined chocolates, organic flavours, cocoa percentage content, and Fairtrade cocoa bars for you to choose from.

We source our cocoa from a farming co-operative in the Dominican Republic, and unlike so many brands nowadays, we actually make our own chocolate in our 'free from' factory. Being the first chocolate manufacturer to be registered in the UK by the Soil Association is only part of the story.

Not only have we improved many aspects since those early days, but also we were ranked highest in the Chocolate ratings in the 'Ethical consumer' magazine 2006 and we now power our factory using 100% renewable electricity.

Chocolate should be an experience to savour, share and enjoy. With our chocolate ranging from 'milky' Fairtrade bar to our Dark 87% cocoa chocolate, from 60% cocoa to our hot cayenne pepper bar, there is a bar for everybody's taste.


Expectations and perception of food is significantly changing. For instance chocolate has previously been seen as an unhealthy 'naughty but nice' product. Now that cocoa's nutritional properties are finally being recognised, for instance with high antioxidant levels, chocolates are shedding an unhealthy image.

Plamil's chocolate is almost 'guilt free indulgence', either by having a high cocoa content, using Xylitol - known for oral health benefits - in the no added sugar chocolate range or strictly excluding ingredients.

The increasing awareness and diagnosis of egg allergy mirrors Plamil's experience when it first introduced soya milk back in the 1960's. Manufacturing alternatives to egg based mayo is a natural progression from soya milk, meeting demand for tasty egg free foods. Plamil's leading Egg free mayo range is a best seller, you only have to taste it to see why!

Shoppers increasingly require guaranteed 'free from' control in every aspect of production, which we meet as one of our specialities is making food products free from any animal origin. This means we make great tasting products which are are also suitable for those who follow a vegan diet and for all those with allergies to ingredients like dairy milk, eggs etc. Many products in our range are organic and we are against the use of genetically modified ingredients.

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