ELGS10572 Unbranded

Plastic Coated Light Steel Bamboo Cane Plant Support - 1 x (2Ft / 0.6m)

  • Plastic Coated Lightweight Steel Tube Bamboo Cane / Plant Support Stakes, 2 - 8 ft For gardeners looking for something more durable than bamboo canes
  • These plastic coated steel tube stakes are strong, hard wearing, robust, and will blend unobtrusively with crops
  • slipping
  • Pointed ends make ground penetration easy
  • General purpose, plastic coated, tubular steel stakes Durable and rot-proof, they include a notched/ridged surface to provide extra grip for climbing plants / twine Connectors can be used create fences and tunnels from multiple stakes Dimensions / Weights 2ft (60cm) x 8mm: 39 grams 3ft (90cm) x 8mm: 53 grams 4ft (120cm) x 10mm: 90 grams 5ft (150cm) x 10mm: 110 grams 6ft (180cm) x 15mm: 250 grams 7ft (210cm) x 15mm: 350 grams 8ft (240cm) x 20mm: 435 grams
  • We also have Bamboo Canes in lengths from 3 - 10 feet, 2 and 3 foot Plant Sticks plus plant support accessories, including Cane Caps, Wigwam Grips, Gro Triangles, Plant Halos, Plant Support Rings, Tree Ties and Max Tapener plant tying machines
  • With ribbing to prevent string etc


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