SWPA10004 Sweetpea Pantry

Playful Pizza Dough with Chai & Flax Mix - 410g

  • With chia and flax
  • A vital pantry back-up for everyone's favourite dinner
  • Playful Pizza Dough with Chai & Flax Mix
  • They need never know you've snuck in some wholemeal, oregano, chia and flax to add goodness!


Product Description

  • Make it that much better by making bases together, knowing they are full of flavour and good stuff! Chia, flax and oregano add delicious flavour, nutrition and crunch to these wholemeal bases.
    Teach them about kneading (yes it does take a little bit of effort but is pretty fun), marvel with them at the effect warmth can have on the yeast as your dough rises, and giggle at the shapes you make in an attempt to flatten dough into pizza rounds.
    You'll find they eat up every bit!
    Very easy to make, just add water and oil and you'll make 3 massive bases, enough for the whole family and a few friends.
  • Kids love eating pizza and also love decorating their own pizza


Stoneground strong wholemeal flour (organic), strong plain flour (organic), chia seeds (organic), flaxseed (organic), yeast, oregano, salt.

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Sweetpea Pantry Ltd









Expected Despatch By 28/10/2016

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