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PO Cactus Juicer - 250ml Cup, 200ml Juicer

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  • PO Cactus Juicer
  • This white porcelain three-in-one juicer is both a very useful kitchen gadget and a fun piece to leave displayed on the kitchen surface


Product Description

  • When you need to use it, simply invert the lid to use as a cup, using the cactus spikes as legs, and squeeze the juice into the pourer
  • Use the handy spout to pour into the waiting cup, Voila
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Porcelain


PO: brings many unique, design led items to the home products with totally new dimensions. Designers at PO:are free from traditional constraints that limit creativity, and everyday items are crafted to be functional as well as sculptural. Every design has a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it


Dimension (cm): L15 x W11 x H17.5cm Volume (ml): 250ml (Cup), 200ml (Jucier) Material: Porcelain Color: White.

About Brand

Welcome to the world of PO:, where innovation meets function to create contemporary home accessories at their most beautiful. At PO: our designers are free from traditional constraints that limit creativity. Innovation abounds here, where no object is accepted in its conventional form, and everyday items are crafted to be multi-functional as well as sculptural. For every design you see, there is a whole array of unseen possibilities behind it. Our company name and ethos is inspired by the concept of “Po” devised by lateral thinker Edward De Bono. It is an alternative way of thinking that helps people to approach problems in a new and more creative way. It breaks down barriers, awakens imagination and asks people to surprise themselves. At PO: we are continuing to develop new products with creative, artistic and functional features on the basis of the “Po” concept and the innovation it represents. Today, PO: products are supplied to over 20 worldwide countries, including United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia and China.

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