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PO Ceramic Owl Sugar Dispenser

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  • This white porcelain tawny owl is a charming ornament in its own right, but when you twist the head around, as an owl does in real life, you reveal the spout of a sugar pourer.
  • Ceramic Owl Sugar Dispenser


Product Description

  • Designer: Carol Jacobs.
  • Perfect for your tea-tray or your breakfast table, it is a lovely alternative to a sugar bowl.

    13cm x 65cm, material: Porcelain


PO: was established in 1999 by Frank Kerdil and Kenneth Guldager. The founders' philosophy, which also has become the company's slogan/motto, "when more of the same is not enough" says it all.
Add to that a solid background in advertising, retail and design, many new unique products with totally new dimensions have been created.

PO is an alternative way of thinking. Rather than locking itself into existing patterns and traditions, PO finds new ways, sees new opportunities, breaks down existing barriers and builds new ones.

PO is innovation which does not accept that what existed yesterday will be valid tomorrow simply because continuity must not be broken.

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Po: Selected Co Ltd








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