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PocketNeb Portable Battery Operated Mesh Travel Nebuliser

  • PocketNeb Portable Battery Operated Mesh Travel Nebuliser

Product Description

Precise, powerful and effective
\r\nLow power consumption, great for portable battery use
\r\nLow medication residue - efficient nebulisation
\r\nVirtually silent in use - discrete and suitable for communal areas, or in bed
\r\nCan be used with mouthpiece or mask
\r\nTravel bag included
\r\nIncludes mouthpiece and child mask - the adult mask is an optional accessory
\r\nCan be operated from AC mains electricity - adaptor available separately
Suitable for use with all standard nebuliser solutions e.g. salbutamol (Ventolin), ipratropium (Atrovent), saline etc.
\r\nModel Number DS-01
\r\nPower supply: 2 x 1.5v AA Alkaline Battery (included)
\r\nPower consumption <2W
\r\nBattery life: 1 hour min on continuous operation
\r\nFull battery indicator: green light
\r\nLow battery indicator: orange light
\r\nNebulisation Rate: 0.2ml/min - 1.0ml/min
\r\nParticle size: < 5 micrometre (um)
\r\nAuto-off operation: after 20 minutes of operation, or when medication cup is empty
\r\nMedication bottle volume: 2ml - 8ml (max)
\r\nUltrasonic oscillation frequency: 103KHz - 123KHz
\r\nWeight: 137g without batteries
\r\nCE certified

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