GLSK11041 Poligrip

Poligrip Wernets Ultra Denture Fixative Powder - 40g

  • Seals out food particles.
  • Wernets Ultra denture fixative powder.Strong all day hold


Product Description

  • Used daily, Poligrip Wernets Ultra can provide you with strong all day hold and will help seal out food particles
  • Poligrip Wernets Ultra is a denture fixative powder which has been specially formulated for denture wearers looking for strong all day hold


Clean your dentures thoroughly with Poligrip denture cleansing tablets, rinse well.
While your dentures are still moist, sprinkle powder lightly and evenly onto the plate.

Rinse mouth with water before inserting dentures.
Press dentures in place, hold firmly, and bite down for several seconds.
Wait several minutes before eating or drinking.

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4 out of 5
By Sorcerer | Posted on: 06/05/2013

We'll see....

I normally use Wernets powder (see other review). I've tried creams before, without much success. This also seems to be the best of a bad bunch. More later after a longer trial (I've only used this once so far)....

4 out of 5
By Sorcerer | Posted on: 06/05/2013

Most convenient fixative

Works, but adhesive soon wears off. Need to fix several times a day, but seems to be the best of a bad bunch. I've ordered the "cream" version - more later.

4 out of 5
By Alph | Posted on: 21/09/2012

Good product

I wished it had even better holding strength.


Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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