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Polycell Paste The Wall Powder Adhesive 5 Roll

Product Description

  • Its methylcellulose based formula does not leave stains and mixes into a smooth paste that is very easy to apply

  • The Polycell PLCPTWPA5R Paste The Wall Adhesive has been specially formulated to use with 'Paste the Wall' wallpapers

  • Made with Cellulose so it does not stain the paper
  • 'Easy Slide' formula for perfect pattern matching (15 mins)
  • This extra strong formula gives 15 minutes of easy slide to match the patters perfectly, guaranteeing long lasting results.

    Ready to use in 30 minutes

  • For Paste The Wall Wallpapers
  • Easy mix formulation means no lumps
  • Contains fungicide to protect against mould growth.

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