ELGS13261 Unbranded

Polytunnel Cover / Plastic Sheeting - 11.1m x 10m

  • Elixir's clear polytunnel cover uses tried and tested M-LLDPE technology to give a very high strength film
  • This full UV spectrum film has a dramatic effect on flower, fruit and foliage colours, particularly on the blues and reds, as low-UV is the spectral wavelength that is required to intensify these colours
  • Normal films and glass block ultraviolet light below 350 Nms., but our clear film transmits the same full spectrum of natural UV light that plants get outside
  • Measuring for your polytunnel cover: Determine the width of cover required by measuring one of the hoops from end to end, adding 2m if you are burying the ends in a trench or 1m if fitting to a rail
  • Using a UV open film also enables vegetable growers to grow red leaf salads under cover and can give soft fruit growers redder strawberry fruit with fewer white tips and less white around the calyx
  • The UV open characteristics of this film means that plants grow as sturdily under this cover as they would if they were outside
  • Also included in our polythene is an Anti Fog agent which breaks down the surface tension of the condensation droplets so that they run down the sheet, reducing drips and retaining light clarity
  • *Terms and conditions apply
  • To achieve stated lifespan and/or make any guarantee claim, product MUST be installed and maintained in accordance with manufacturer guidelines
  • It is only in recent years that it has been possible to create a polythene which allows the full spectrum of natural UV daylight through
  • All plants with red in their leaves, fruit or flowers also benefit and will have a better colour
  • You may wish to add a few extra metres for doors, louvres etc
  • Please see warranty enclosed with order for further information
  • Research has shown that natural UV levels also produce a more compact, sturdier plant which is more resistant to disease
  • UV open films are used by flower growers to increase colour intensity of the flowers and sometimes to reduce stem length
  • Please note, this listing is for the polytunnel cover only.
  • Find the length needed by measuring the length of the polytunnel and adding twice the height to cover both ends
  • If you are still unsure what size you need to order, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help
  • Plants root out into the pot better under natural UV films than under conventional types of polythene
  • Polytunnel Cover, 9.2m Wide Over the past 15 years polythene has evolved from being a cheap alternative to glass for growing plants under into being a 21st Century improvement on glass


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