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Potter's Comfrey Ointment - 55g

  • Also known as knitbone, comfrey is one of the oldest herbal treatments for relieving the symptoms of bruises and sprains.



Potters has been making herbal medicine for almost 200 years. We have grown rich in the knowledge of herbs and have vast experience in the industry. Our staff use this knowledge and experience and work in an environment totally dedicated to herbal medicine. Our feel and flair are an essential complement to the modern technology which we use.

Potters expertise in the development of herbal medicines is such that we now have 135 products, making us the UK’s leading herbal medicines manufacturer. To achieve this, Potters has always worked closely with the UK health care regulatory bodies to ensure that our products can be shown to

- have a good safety record
- be produced to high standards
- be effective for the treatment of conditions described on the label

This means that the our customers can have total confidence in Potters.

We care passionately about the environment and operate high ethical standards in the sourcing of herbal ingredients used in our products. Specifically we strive to ensure that;

- We do not deplete the worlds precious natural resources
- We deal with suppliers who treat their employees fairly
- Wherever possible we take herbs from the wild where their medicinal properties are most potent
- No harmful chemicals are used on any of our ingredients
- We buy on quality not price

We know that our customers appreciate these values and we are constantly delighted to receive testimonials describing how our products have helped them in their health challenges.

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