Pourty Bundle Purple Potty & Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer

  • You can pour the poo and pee through the duct out of the back of the Pourty potty away from where your toddler sits or touches with no messy dribbles
  • Simply clean by refilling the Potty potty with water and pouring it out of the back of the potty again.The Pourty potty has a large and wide seating area which is comfortable to sit on for boys and girls
  • The Pourty potty's splash guard is higher than on a lot of potties to help prevent any unwanted spillage, especially when boys are using the potty.The Pourty potty is made out of a sturdier plastic than most normal potties
  • Its squeeze flex action enables you or your child to put it on and off the toilet easily.The seat is made from a sturdy and smooth plastic and is contoured to make it comfortable for the child to sit on with confidence
  • The Flexi-Fit comes in a stylish but discrete white with a blue rubber rim.2 Items supplied1 x Pourty PURPLE Potty 1 x Flexi Fit Toilet Trainer
  • Adult toilet seats come in many shapes and sizes and most toilet training seats have no size adjustments
  • This means that they can wobble around making the child feel insecure when they sit on them
  • With some potties the narrow seating area can be uncomfortable and leave a red ring around your child's bottom when they stand up.The two sides of the back rest of the Pourty potty offer ample support to your child if they do lean back and are shaped for maximum comfort
  • The Flexi-Fit’s clever design allows you to adjust it once per toilet seat for a great secure fit each time
  • This helps give the child confidence when sitting on the potty and also means that there is less risk that the potty will stick to their bottom when they stand up (which can have unfortunate and messy consequences).Flexi Fit Toilet TrainerThe new Flexi-Fit has a unique squeeze flex action and adjustable prongs so that it fits securely on to the toilet seat
  • It also incorporates a full splash guard below and above the seat to prevent unwanted spills
  • The Pourty Potty has a unique pouring duct and anti-drip lip


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