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Pre and After Wax Oil with Frangipani and Monoi Oil 400ml - 400ml

  • Key Features With Frangipani and Monoi Oil
  • Before waxing apply a small amount to the area to be treated and wipe away any residue before commencing wax treatment
  • The oil formulation forms a barrier on the skin therefore the wax adheres only to the hair rather than the skin resulting in a clean waxed area and a more pleasant experience for your client
  • After waxing apply a small amount and gently massage into the treated area to soothe and condition the skin
  • Guidelines Pre Wax Usage: An exotic Pre Wax Oil which can be used prior to any waxing treatment
  • Remove any residue with cotton wool or tissue
  • Light oil formula with hygienic pump action
  • The rich Monoi Oil will also help to moisturise calm and sooth the treatment area
  • A dual purpose oil formulated to provide a superior waxing treatment which can be used as both a pre and after wax oil
  • After Wax Usage: A luxurious oil that will help to dissolve any remaining wax left on the skin following a waxing treatment
  • A dual purpose pre and after wax oil
  • For best results use with the Options by Hive Spa range of Frangipani and Monoi Oil waxing products


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