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Prewetts Oatbran - 400g

  • Prewett’s Oatbran is a delicious source of dietary fibre, Which helps lower cholesterol levels when consumed as part of a low fat diet
  • Prewetts Oatbran
  • People with a healthy heart tend to eat more wholegrain foods as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Product Description

  • Unlike wheat bran, oat bran is soluble.

    Oat bran can be used in a similar way to any other bran: just sprinkle it on your cereals, add to muesli, add to your baking and use to make muffins, pancakes or biscuits.
  • Oat bran is the outer husk of the oat grain

Nutrition Information

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy 1459KJ / 345kcal

Protein 14.8g

Carbohydrates 49.7g of which sugar 2.1g

Fat 7.9g of which saturates 1.6g

Fibre 15.2g

Sodium Trace


Prewetts have been making wholesome foods for over 135 years.
Since 1872 when William Prewett began milling flour at Town Mill in Horsham, Surrey, the Prewetts name has been synonymous with good quality foods. Our products are simple and healthy, containing only natural ingredients and absolutely no added colours, artificial flavours or preservatives.

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