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Prince 180BCW Bluetooth Colour Handheld ECG Monitor + Software

  • Prince 180BCW Bluetooth Colour Handheld ECG Monitor + Software

Product Description

Latest version of our best-selling ECG monitor, now with high resolution COLOUR LCD screen and BLUETOOTH wireless data transmission


Small, portable and easy to operate
High resolution COLOUR LCD display
Rapid ECG & heart rate measurement by recording a 30-second ECG waveform
Measurement of one channel ECG anytime anywhere
Gain mode available for signal amplification
Analysis & report display of 17 types of ECG waveform
Memory storage and review of up to 300 records
ECG waveform & Heart rate display
Battery indicator LCD
Back light (switchable)
PC data management software for data transmission and analysis
Automatic power-off in case of no signal detected within 35 seconds
Extendable storage capacity by SD card (optional)
Optional 3-lead ECG cable
CE marked


USB interface
Data cable
Bluetooth data transmission capability
Protective wallet
2 x AAA batteries
ECG Viewer Software on mini-CD (Windows compatible)
Illustrated manual
Quick illustrated reference guide to ensure ease of use

Small Print:

This product is not intended to replace a professional medical diagnosis but it can be very useful to assist in obtaining information about a heart condition. It is designed for home or clinic use and patients can take the information to their clinician on the monitor or by downloading via the PC software.

It should not be used if you are fitted with a heart pacemaker.

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