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Prince 180D Colour Handheld ECG Monitor - Continuous Mode Deluxe

  • Prince 180D Colour Handheld ECG Monitor - Continuous Mode Deluxe Set

Product Description

A revolutionary handheld ECG monitor offering real continuous monitoring for the first time, and with a 1- or 3-channel option. The first in its class to offer these options, and the PC software is included in the box too.
\r\nIt's portable, and easy to operate with various included options to allow for easy instant measurement or continuous recording with all the required equipment supplied in one kit.
\r\nPortable, easy to operate
\r\nFull colour OLED display
\r\nAdvanced measuring technologies provide steady and accurate ECG waveforms
\r\nAnaylsis and reporting of 19 suggested results
\r\nPC data management software for data transmission and analysis
\r\nContinuous monitoring -
\r\n7 hours continuous monitoring with 3-channel; 16 hours continuous monitoring with mono-channel
\r\nChest lead & limb lead measuring using supplied leads & electrodes
\r\nLimb "clip" electrodes are available as an optional accessory, to use instead of adhesive electrodes

\r\n4-lead ECG wires
\r\nPk of 25 electrodes
\r\nPC software on mini-CD
\r\nBatteries (4 x AA)
\r\nAC mains adaptor
\r\nInstruction manual for ECG monitor and separate manual for analysis software
\r\nZip-up hard protective case to store monitor and accessories, with carrying handle
\r\nHanging cord to attach to monitor

\r\nVarious methods to take measurements:
\r\n1. 2 hands
\r\n2. 1 hand and limb
\r\n3. 1 hand and chest (the best option when not using external lead wire)
\r\n4. Chest electrodes only (single channel, uses 3 of the leads/electrodes)
\r\n5. Limb electrodes only (enables 3-channel recording using 4 electrodes)
\r\nCardiac events often occur at irregular times, and it's common for them to occur when you are not at the hospital or doctor's.\r\nEven if you have a machine on loan for 24 hours, we often hear customers telling us that their condition didn't occur until they handed the device back!
\r\nThe 180D enables you to capture information and supply it to your doctor or cardiologist.
\r\nSignal input: 3 embedded metal electrodes or external lead wire (4 leads)
\r\nLead selection & measuring modes:
\r\n1. quick measurement by embedded electrodes
\r\n2. measurement by external electrodes with 3-lead wires (single channel for lead I,II or III) or 4 lead wires (3 simultaneous channels for lead I, II and III)
\r\nECG Bandwidth: 0.05~40Hz (enhanced mode), 0.5~40Hz (normal mode)
\r\nInternal noise level: <=30microVp-p
\r\nHeart rate range: 30~240bpm
\r\nHeart rate accuracy: +/- 2bpm or +/-2%, whichever is greater
\r\nDisplay scale: 5mm/mV +/-10%
\r\nCMRR: >=60dB
\r\nWaveform sweeping speed: 20mm/s +/-10%
\r\nMeasurement time: 30 seconds per test
\r\nSuggested results: 19 types of waveform
\r\nDisplay mode: Colour LCD display
\r\nResolution 320 x 240
\r\nScreen size: 70.08 x 52.56 mm
\r\nDimensions: 130mm (L) x 98mm (W) x 36mm (H)
\r\nNet weight: 400g without batteries
\r\nPower supply: 4 x AA batteries, or AC mains - AC adaptor included in package, for UK or European sockets
\r\nVoltage: DC 5.0V / 1.0A
AC Voltage Required: 100-240v INPUT

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