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Pro Relax Tens and EMS Duo 2-in-1 Therapy Device

  • Pro Relax Tens and EMS Duo 2-in-1 Therapy Device

Product Description

Effective therapy against pain and stiffness of the muscles
\r\nFor training and building the muscles
\r\nIncreases the local blood circulation
\r\nNatural method, free of side effects, safe, proven
\r\nVery simple to use
\r\n2 functions in one unit (TENS+EMS)
\r\nModern design, digital technology, top quality
\r\n2 channels, 8 different programs
\r\n12-stage timer
\r\nIntensity and treatment time can be individually set
\r\n2 years warranty
\r\nprorelax TENS+EMS DUO, 2 therapies with one unit
\r\nMore and more people suffer from muscle pain and stiffness. But less movement also means that the muscles do not get any exercise - and that makes the situation a vicious circle. Constant visits to doctors or expensive therapies with physiotherapists are the unavoidable consequence.
\r\nThe prorelax TENS+EMS DUO system is a small, handy digital electro-stimulator with two helpful functions, which can be quickly used anywhere without expense or effort. Furthermore, it is cheaper than two individual units.
\r\nDouble action through two-in-one effect
\r\nThe Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) serves to relieve chronic pain.
\r\nElectric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) helps to:
\r\nrelax muscle spasms
\r\nprevent or delay inactivity atrophy
\r\nincrease the local blood circulation
\r\nexercise the muscles once again
\r\nmaintain or increase the movement range
\r\nThe unit offers individual programs and intensity levels as well as 12 treatment times between 5-60 minutes.
\r\nThe clear screen with LCD display provides information on the therapy mode, pulse frequency, pulse width, duration of therapy and intensity.
\r\nMemory function: The unit switches itself off automatically, the last therapy duration is saved and upon switching on again, the last-used program is displayed.
\r\nTENS and EMS Duo Unit
\r\n1 Clip Holder
\r\n2 Cables
\r\n1 Pouch
\r\n3 x AAA batteries
\r\n4 reusable electrodes
\r\n2 lead wires
\r\nUser Manual
\r\nQuick Start Guide

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