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  • Vitabiotics WellKid Soft Jelly Multivitamins is a great tasting, wildberry flavour, chewy pastille containing 10 essential vitamins as well as omega-3 fatty acids, formulated specifically to help safeguard the nutritional intake of children aged 4-12.

    Healthy growth is vital during the first 12 years of a child’s life. Rapid development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain mean that children have a high nutrient requirement in relation to their body size.

    Meeting those requirements can be a challenge. Sometimes it is difficult to ensure kids are getting all the nutrients they need every day.

    The WellKid® formula includes a range of 10 vitamins such as essential antioxidant vitamins C and E. Together with B-complex vitamins these nutrients may help to maintain a child’s all round health, immune system defence and energy release.

    WellKid® Soft Jelly pastilles include antioxidant vitamins C & E which are important nutrients to help maintain a healthy lens and retina of the eye, and B vitamins which are important to help maintain a healthy brain and nervous system.

    Vitamin B12 and folic acid are essential for haemoglobin and healthy blood formation. Supporting the production of the red blood cells means that oxygen can be transported around the body and provide energy to cells.

    WellKid® Soft Jelly pastilles contain Swiss Alpine malt as a natural energy source. A growing child’s body also requires B vitamins including B1, B2 and folic acid so that it can convert carbohydrates from the food you eat into energy.

    Even more reasons for your child to take WellKid®…

    Its formula is based in the very latest scientific research. With nutrient levels carefully optimised to the specific needs of growing children.
    Has a delicious wildberry jelly flavour popular with children.
    WellKid® Soft Jelly has NO ADDED SUGAR and contains Malt liquid extract, a great tasting naturally occurring sweetener and energy source.
    WellKid® is produced to high pharmaceutical standards of quality control.
    WellKid® Soft Jelly does not contain any synthetic colours, preservatives, lactose, gluten, salt or yeast.
    WellKid® has not been tested on animals

Product Info

  • Vitabiotics LTD
  • ByDarcy | Posted on: 30/12/2014
  • Happy Kids
  • Vitabiotics has great range of vitamins for children. And this one is one of them. My son just loves the taste and he asks everyday for this himself unlike for other ones.
  • ByIn-Su | Posted on: 08/12/2014
  • Satisfied
  • Cheapest type of jelly pastilles found so far. Great bargain.
  • ByMaryam | Posted on: 21/11/2014
  • Helful for me
  • Easy to give the kids. They enjoy the Wellkids Chewy Pastilles flavour and I am relaxed about their health.


  • Childrens Multivitamins
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