ELGS12412 Pelgar

Professional E-Z Baiter Multi Purpose Rat Mouse Rodent Box Poison Bait Station - x 1

  • Its design exploits the natural rodent behaviour to run down pipes It is more stable, more robust and more practical than the conventional drain-pipe style baiting tubes
  • Adhesive record labels can be stuck to the upper surface of the tunnel for easy reference
  • Two transparent vertical tubes can be slotted into the top, down which loose bait or Roban Wax Block bait can be placed
  • 1 x PelGar E-Z BaiterThe PelGar E-Z Baiter has been designed to be a truly multi-purpose bait station
  • Loose bait can be put into a tray and blocks or pasta T-bags can also be fixed securely inside
  • This allows operators to see exactly how much bait has been eaten without having to open the box
  • The design also allows for a rat trap to be placed in the middle of the box.
  • Provides a quick and easy visual indication of bait consumption when using loose grain.The E-Z Baiter is a novel, new, multi-purpose bait station which can be used in many situations

Box Poison.

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