PRTC10113 Proto-Col

Proto-Col Pure Arginine - 90 Tablets

  • This product is beneficial for increased muscle mass, support desirable changes in body composition and can aid in the reduction of body fat, it can also help in improving healing and recovery.
  • Pure Arginine


Product Description

  • Nutritional food supplement
  • A key non essential amino acid which is also effective in improving the immune system
  • To be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and training programme.


From international athlete to owner of one of the UK's fastest growing beauty companies in just four years . . . That's all the time it took to launch proto-col – a luxury beauty and well being collection – into some of the most exclusive spas and department stores.

proto-col by On Group is based around the philosophy of using Collagen and other plant extracts and botanicals, combined with cutting edge technology, for a unique anti-ageing skin care system. Started by ex world-class athlete – James Greenwell – who discovered the benefits of taking collagen himself, proto-col has become a cult favourite. proto-col collagen supplement has been hailed by A-listers including Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu, as the beauty holy grail in rejuvenating ageing skin. Designed to work in perfect harmony with proto-col collagen capsules, proto-col skin care and body care collection – a fusion of natural ingredients and advanced formulations – is the secret to firmer, smoother, younger looking skin, packed with skin saving ingredients, essential in the war against wrinkles.

Turning to his background in nutrition, James was passionate about creating a natural food supplement range that was safe and effective, and so pure was launched by On Group in 2006. pure combines natural ingredients and utilises herbal technology for optimum health and well being.

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