NAST13444 Provamel

Provamel Dairy Free Soya Drink - Sweetened - 1000ml

  • Provamel soya milk sweetened with apple.


Product Description

  • Cholesterol free
    Gluten free
    Lactose free
    100% vegetable


- water
- hulled soya beans (6.4%)
- organic apple concentrate *(3.3%)
- sea salt

*= organically grown/produced. Certified by CERTISYS-BE-1

Nutrition Information

Average nutritional value per 250 ml
Energy/kcal 433 / 103
Protein 8,3 g
Carbohydrate of which: 6 g
lactose nil
sugars 6 g

Fat of which 4,8 g
saturates 0,8 g
mono-unsaturates 1 g
polyunsaturates of which 3 g
alpha-linolenic acid (OMEGA-3) 0,35 g
linoleic acid (OMEGA-6) 2,73 g
cholesterol nil

Fibre 1,5 g
Sodium 0,15 g
(Equivalent as salt) 0.38 g

These values are approximate due to the variations which occur in natural ingredients.


The fact is, Provamel has always been a pioneering company: from our production process to our environmental and social beliefs. In a way, Provamel started as a dream: a better world without nutrition problems. And to get there, we started with the humble soya bean.

Since then, day after day, Provamel, still being a family-owned business, has been working towards this goal. Step by step, we are transforming our dream into tasty, healthy products whilst always having a healthy respect for people and our natural resources.

In short: Provamel has a positive vision for the future – which is perfectly articulated in our motto: “Love your Future”.

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