ALSO10024 Provamel

Provamel Rice Coconut Drink - Pack of 24 x 200ml

  • Provamel Rice Coconut Drink
  • 100 Percent plant-based
  • Made from a tasty selection of natural and organic ingredients
  • A diet without cow's milk protein
  • Gives benefits of plant goodness in a healthy and tasty way
  • The combination of coconut and rice milk is clever, with the milks tempering each other's strong flavours
  • This delicious drink is low in fat and without added sugar


Product Description

  • Take five and UNWIND with Rice-Coconut
  • Slowly savour a blend of unsweetened organic RICE, mixed with sun-kissed COCONUT
  • Drink it straight from the glass, in a smoothie or mix into porridge for a luxurious breakfast
  • Refreshing ENJOYMENT at it's very best
  • Delicious and bursting with plant power, Provamel's range of plant-based dairy alternatives are made from a tasty selection of natural and organic ingredients
  • We produce great tasting product from plant-based rice coconut ingredients
  • So whether you are looking for a nutritious breakfast or an indulgent dessert our products allow you to enjoy all the benefits of plant goodness in a healthy and tasty way
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free


water Italian rice* 17% coconut milk* 4% sea salt natural coconut flavour* *= organically grown/produced.


May contain traces of almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts

Nutrition Information

Average nutritional value per100 ml Energy260 kJ / 62 kcal Fat of which1 g saturates 0.8 g mono-unsaturates 0.1 g polyunsaturates 0.1 g Carbohydrate of which12.5 g sugars 6.5 g Fibre0.8 g Protein0.2 g Salt0.08 g Lactose0 g Organic 100% plant goodness Low fat Unsweetened Contains naturally occuring sugars Very low in sodium/salt Gluten-free Naturally lactose-free Dairy-free Wheat-free


Back in 1934, the founder of the Vandemoortele Group, Constant Vandemoortele, was already aware of the benefits of soya. 40 years later, his grandson Philippe Vandemoortele was so convinced of the soya bean’s nutritious power that he perfected a unique and natural process for making soya milk. Philippe had a vision to tackle the nutrition problem in the Third World. An early project saw the construction of a soya plant on the island of Madagascar in 1980. Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, the project had to be discontinued. But increased awareness of food issues and concerns meant that creating a soya-based business in Europe was a very real possibility. To this end, the Vandemoortele Group set up a separate division specialising in natural soya-based food and in 1980 Alpro was born. In 1989 Alpro built Europe’s largest and most modern production unit for soya food based on the UHT process, situated in Wevelgem, Belgium. In 1996, Alpro took over Sojinal and thereby acquired an extra soya milk production unit in Issenheim, France. In 2000 Alpro built a brand new soya milk factory in Kettering, UK. To complete Alpro's range of soya products, we took over the Tofu producer SoFine Foods (Landgraaf, The Netherlands) in 2006. To this day Alpro continues to grow as a European market leader and as a fair food partner.

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