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PureMate PM 520 Multiple Technologies True HEPA Air Purifier and Ioniser with UV-C and Odor Reduction - 28 Inch

  • Best for Medium and Large RoomsTrue HEPA Filtration - captures 99.99% of airborne particles UV-C kills bacteria, viruses and mold spores Suitable for allergy sufferers, Reduces odors from petsCADR Rating SMOKE: 126, CADR POLLEN: 140, CADR DUST: 150. Stands approximately 28-inches tall Ultra Quiet-operation on Low Setting 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty Applicable Area: up to 600 ft2(56m2)

Product Description

The PureMate PM-520 air cleaning system has its efficient 5-stage filtering system, this air cleaner will eradicate all pollutants found in the air inside your home. It’s quiet, easy to use and maintain and affordable with its unique 5-Stage filtering ability, it can cover a wide range of air pollutants.

The first part of the 5-in-1 system is the pre-filter which uses activated carbon to trap larger particles found indoors such as dust, lint and hair. Activated charcoal is very porous, and its uneven surface is great for trapping larger pollutants, but there is another benefit to it as well.

A carbon layer efficiently eliminates odours stemming from household pets, cooking and tobacco smoke. During the second stage, the air is filtered through a True HEPA filter. True HEPA filters have to meet strict standards which involve being able to collect 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns in diameter. For instance, stuff like pet dander, dust mites, mould spores and pollen all fall into this category.

The third and fourth stage involves air filtration using UV-C light. This technology works to help kill airborne viruses, bacteria, mould spores, and with titanium dioxide (TIO2), decomposes odour molecules caused by smoking, cooking and pets.

Finally the last stage the unit releases negative ions which enhances the mood, keeping you alert and active. It helps to alleviate depression including winter depression. It eliminate most tiny particles suspended in indoors air. In addition, the air will actually smell fresher because of the Ioniser.

The PM 520 is suitable for rooms up to 600 square feet of in size which makes it perfect for most bedrooms. It stands 28-inches tall. The unit’s CADR (Clear Air Delivery Rate) is 126+ which effectively means it’s able to deliver 126 cubic feet of clean air per minute with 5 changes of air per hour.

The PM520 has 5 fan speed settings available. When set on low, the unit is impressively quiet at 20 dB(A). In fact most people won’t be able to tell its working if it weren’t for the large blue LED, and the cleaner doesn’t get much louder when the fan speed is set to medium. Once set on high, the unit emits noise that is similar to white noise but for most people, this power level will hardly ever be needed.

The air purifier now comes equipped with indicator lights that automatically blink when it's time to replace the Hepa Filter. No more trying to remember the last time the filter was replaced. A clean filter not only maximizes the amount of dust and allergens captured but helps optimize the performance of the entire purifier. Special note: as part of our quality promise - every purifier we make is tested before it reaches you. If your reminder lights are blinking when you first turn on your purifier, simply reset the system by holding the UV button for at least 3-5 seconds or until the reminder lights stop flashing.

While its true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this device is an absolute stunner! Sleek lines, a black casing and blue LED light make for one hell of combination! 


  • Filter: True HEPA filter and carbon filter
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • CADR SMOKE: 126, CADR POLLEN: 140, CADR DUST: 150.
  • Uncomplicated, easy-to-replace filter
  • Digital Display & Optional Ioniser & UV-C
  • Room Clean Air Production Flow: 78 m²/hour
  • Air Flow Rate: 240 m³/hour.
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V, 50Hz


  • Model: PM520
  • Power Consumption: 60W (Highest Setting)
  • Noise Level: Silent fan 20 dB(A) (Low), 60 dB(A) (HI)
  • Negative Ions: ≥3 ×106/cm3
  • Removal Rate: Up to 99.97%
  • UV Lamp wavelength: 20uW ( Frequency: 254nm)
  • Clean Air Production Flow: 78 m²/hour
  • Air Flow Rate: 240 m³/hour
  • CADR Rating (High speed): Smoke: 126, Dust: 140, Pollen: 150
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 17.6(L)x 27.7(W) x 70(H) CM / 6.93(L)x 10.63(W) x 27.55(H) Inch
  • Net Weight: 4.7kg (10.36 lbs.)
  • Gross Weight: 6kg (13.23 lbs.)
  • Applicable Area: up to 600 ft2(56 m2)


  • 1 x Air Purifier
  • 1 x English user manual
  • 1 x English Flyer

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