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Puritane E-Cigarette Disposable 16mg Original

  • Puritane™ Disposable e-cigarettes are convenient and instantly ready to use
  • Puritane E-Cigarette Disposable 16mg Original
  • Each disposable e-cigarette lasts as long as 35 regular sized filter cigarettes (350 puffs*) and contains 16mg of pharmaceutical grade nicotine, providing a high quality e-cigarette experience

Product Description

  • Product details:

    350 puffs
    Ready to use
    Durable stainless steel with soft-touch coating
    Smooth taste tailored to individual tastes of UK smokers
    No tobacco, no tar
    No lingering smell
    To start enjoying the disposable e-cigarette, simply remove the end caps and enjoy the great smooth taste.


Regular strength 16mg nicotine cartomiser contains: nicotine 17.6mg (16mg/g), propylene glycol USP, glycerine USP, flavourings.

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